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~ The 360 View @Sky100 ~

After a month away….I am aware I need to find a job now. I keep waking up everyday thinking some more education/schooling is to come next but no. That’s it.
FTFO! (Abbreviations are silly and funny at the same time).
During my time in HK I was the only one who wanted to see the city view one more time because 4 years ago, I didn’t have a camera good enough for night shots, this time I went up the Sky100/ICC Building instead of that tram one…
Cost me $HK150. Phsst.
It’s all indoors hence there was SO much glare/reflection from the lights, you’d think they’d keep it nice and dark up there for photography sake but NOOOOOO.

More city pics and less of me coming soon, they need editing Dx 

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